Queer-feminist strategies and transnational solidarity against gender-based violence

There is a lot to learn from and find inspiration in the strategies, perspectives, and experiences of queer and feminist struggles which manage to influence and bring together diverse counter-hegemonic actors

State and Society in Turkey after the Earthquakes: Initial Reflections

In this two-part essay, Ülker Sözen lay out her initial observations and reflections about the state and society’s responses in the aftermath of the massive disaster in Turkey

Labour policies and worker’s struggles in authoritarian contexts @CAPS22

Even as neoliberal discourse promotes competition amongst the working people, workers as a class continue to find ways to cooperate to build a better future

Infringement of academic freedoms and counter-strategies | CAPS 22

When fragility also crosses us, when state violence knocks on our doors or when we academics are the people persecuted or exiled, everything takes on a different meaning in our lives and work

Alternatives Democracies/ Alternatives to Democracy | CAPS22

We are witnessing a crisis of civilization accompanied by a global authoritarian turn. However, this crisis is often reduced to a purely political crisis, designated with the recurrent epithet of „crisis of democracy“

Beyond authoritarianism: Counterstrategies and Way to Freedom | CAPS22

In this conversation, the panelists tackled questions on authoritarianism as experienced and struggled against in their respective contexts. Specifically, they talked about the counterstrategies they find significant to defend rights and how to respond to people’s anger, resentment and anxiety that has been capitalized by the far-right, that has engendered the different faces of authoritarianism we see in the world today

Housing crisis in a time of democratic backsliding | CAPS22

By looking into housing status, entitlements, infrastructure and policies, the panel “Housing crisis in a time of democratic backsliding” provided an analysis that helps to explain social contradictions and what kind of political action is possible by people excluded and/or repressed given authoritarian spatial dynamics in a society