“Russia is giving carte blanche to the far right”

A year ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a war against Ukraine on the pretext of „denazification“. A year after the outbreak of war, IRGAC member Alexander Tushkin from Russia spoke to Sergey Movchan, left-wing activist and participant in the Marker project which tracks far-right violence in Ukraine, about Ukrainian nationalism, the far right and antifascists in the Ukrainian army, and how the war has affected their position in society.

State and Society in Turkey after the Earthquakes: Initial Reflections

In this two-part essay, Ülker Sözen lay out her initial observations and reflections about the state and society’s responses in the aftermath of the massive disaster in Turkey

DOSSIER | „New Faces of Authoritarianism: Interdisciplinary Perspectives from the Global South“

In the summer semester of 2022, IRGAC fellows taught a course titled “New Faces of Authoritarianism: Interdisciplinary Perspectives from the Global South”. This dossier presents contributions by the course participants composed of their essays discussing conceptual issues and case studies on different topics regarding authoritarianism and counter-movements

Dossier | Authoritarianism and Counter-Strategies in the Classroom: The Pedagogy of Collective Learning Across Geographies

This dossier presents a glimpse of the course participants’ outputs at the end of the classes and includes their reflections and case studies on different aspects of authoritarianism, neoliberal governance, the effects of colonialism, and counter-movements that take place in a variety of settings