Fábio Luís Ferreira Nóbrega Franco

Fábio Luís Ferreira Nóbrega Franco is a psychoanalyst and holds a PhD in philosophy. Since 2006 he has been a member of an interdisciplinary group, the Social Theory, Philosophy, and Psychoanalysis Laboratory (LATESFIP). Over the last few years, he has tried to unite academic research, psychoanalytical practice, and political engagement in different social movements, mainly those concerned with countering the psychic effects produced by the authoritarian Brazilian state. Currently, he is a post-doctoral researcher with the Institute of Psychology of the University of Sao Paulo. Since 2020, he has been teaching psychoanalytical theory as visiting professor in the course „Psychoanalysis in critical social contexts“ at Pontifical University of São Paulo. He is the author of the book „Governar os mortos: necropolíticas, desaparecimento e subjetividade“ (Ubu Editora, 2021).

Neoliberal Authoritarianism: Social Pathologies and Narratives of Suffering in Brazil from 2010 to 2018

This research investigates how the rise of authoritarianism and the deployment of neoliberalism in Brazil are deeply connected. Rather than just an economic agenda, here neoliberalism is understood as a managerial rationality that productively administers individual psychic suffering, producing subjectivities able to respond to the market’s imperatives. At the centre of the neoliberal administration of suffering are social pathologies, i.e. certain kinds of circuits of effects and pathological psychic dispositions that are either intensified or weakened. In Brazil, the precariat has been the social group most affected by neoliberal management of suffering. As epidemiological and sociological research has shown, the growth of the precariat happened in parallel with an increase in some forms of psychic suffering, mainly anxiety disorders and depressive disorders. This research intends to inquire into how these forms of psychic suffering produced and managed by neoliberalism might involve support for conservative policies and the neoliberal agenda.


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