Ailynn Torres Santana

Associate Fellow

Portrait of Ailynn Torres Santana

Ailynn Torres Santana is an associated researcher at the International Research Group on Authoritarianism and Counter-Strategies (IRGAC) of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, a visiting researcher at the Freie Universität Berlin (2021), an associate researcher at FLACSO Ecuador (2019-2022), and a visiting scholar at Northwestern University – Chicago (fall 2021). She has been an associate professor at Universidad de la Habana (2006-2012) and visiting professor at Freie Universität Berlin (2021), FLACSO Ecuador (2016-2018, 2020-2022), Universidad de Barcelona (2015, 2018, 2022), and the University of Massachusetts Amherst (2018). In 2019 she was a visiting researcher at Harvard University. Her research interests include feminist movements, inequality, and citizenship in Latin America. She is editor of the books „Derechos en riesgo en América Latina: 11 estudios sobre grupos neoconservadores“ (Quito/ Bogotá: Fundación Rosa Luxemburgo/Desde Abajo, 2020) and „Los Cuidados: del centro de la vida al centro de la política“ (Santiago: FES-ILDIS, 2021). She has written lots of academic papers about gender inequalities and feminist politics in Latin America and Cuba. She has a column on OnCuba News and has collaborated with a lot of press platforms such as Jacobin-Lat, NACLA, and Sidecar-New Left Review. She is a member of the editorial boards of Cuban Studies (Harvard University) and Sin Permiso (Barcelona).

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