Pedro Salgado

Associate Fellow

Portrait of Pedro Salgado

Pedro Salgado is an International Relations scholar, working on the intersection between the fields of Historical Sociology and Global Political Economy. He is currently a lecturer at Oxford Brookes University, having previously worked at the Federal University of Uberlândia, Federal University of Bahia, and Universität Kassel. His doctoral research at the University of Sussex looked at the process of Brazilian state-formation from the colonial period to late 19th century. His research agenda is centred around the geopolitical mediations between the development and global expansion of capitalism, and political transformations in states and the states-system throughout the colonial period and beyond. It has grown to encompass three main topics: (a) the geopolitics of colonial slavery and early capitalist development; (b) the colonial foundations of sovereignty and modern democracies, emphasising its legacies in terms of control over populations and exploitation of nature; (c) the methodological (and meta-theoretical) implications of the dialogue between a historicist interpretation of Marxism and decolonial theory. 

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